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Cyprus. Pathos. Tombs of the Kings. Paph


NavInvest Cyprus is the investment advisory service provided by Navigator Consulting Group in Cyprus. 

Founded in 1995, Navigator provides consultancy services relating to investments in Cyprus. Our services are based on over 25 years of experience in the Cypriot economy, during which we have seen a full range of investment scenarios unfold. 

We have advised on some of the largest investments in Cyprus and Greece, while safeguarding our reputation as an independent and objective advisor. 

The inspiration for NavInvest Cyprus is the desire to provide high quality, objective investment advisory services to investors and project sponsors in Cyprus. 

The Cyprus investment ecosystem is dominated by:

  • Developers and other intermediaries promoting property and real estate investments; 

  • Accountants and legal firms promoting specific products, such as corporate formation or the citizenship by investment scheme;

  • Government and sectoral organisations, such as CIPA or CIFA, promoting the investment destination as a jurisdiction. 

Our starting point is different. We advise objectively on the technical, commercial and financial risks and returns of an investment in Cyprus, without bias or a hidden agenda. 

We are independent: We are not beholden to family members, other clients or non-transparent interests. 

We cover the investment scenarios in depth, from initial investment valuation to final exit and return. We build financial models to help us understand how different operating parameters and sensitivities affect your final result. ​

We work transparently and scientifically: our results follow a clear business logic and are designed to be replicable. 

Please feel free to contact us for a confidential assessment of your investment advisory and consultancy needs in Cyprus.

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