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All information provided is from public sources and is accurate as of the time of posting: 27 September 2019. 


Association of Cyprus Travel Agents


The Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA), established in 1954, is the association of Cyprus travel agents and tour operators, and additional companies  involved in tourism and travel affairs. 

ACTA undertakes studies and in-depth research of problems which preoccupy the travel agents and the tourist industry and works towards their settlement. It evaluates and involves itself on the decision-making process of relevant government policies through suggestions and recommendations.

Furthermore, ACTA organises trainnig seminars on subjects relating to travel and tourism for senior and junior staff of its members. It has the overwhelming majority of Cypriot Travel Agents and Tour Operators who represent almost all overseas travel organizations who are cooperating with Cyprus.


Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), founded in 1927, is a private corporate body functioning under special law that is a union of Cypriot businesses. It is financially independent, free of any influence by the state and is funded by its members’ subscription fees and through income generated from a number of services it provides.

The CCCI aims to safeguard and steadily develop the Cyprus Economy in order to continuously improve the standard of living and prosperity of all the people of Cyprus. Furthermore, it contributes towards continuous and balanced growth of the Cypriot economy within the framework of the European Union.

Each Cypriot district has its own local Chamber operating in Nicosia, Larnaca, Famagusta, Paphos and Limassol.

The membership of CCCI exceeds 8,000 enterprises from the whole spectrum of business activity.


Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation


The Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB), founded in 1960, is the employers’ organisation of Cyprus and the leading representative of employers and businesses. It has been a key provider of social and economic development in Cyprus.

OEB has more than 5,000 members from all sectors such as: Manufacturing, Services, Construction, Commerce, Environment, Energy, Tourism, Education, Health and Agriculture. It currently employs more than 60% of the private sector’s, workforce, a percentage which is one of the highest in Europe.

Among its goals is to cooperate with the state and other institutions and factors of the society, in order to promote the development of entrepreneurship and prosperity of Cyprus.


Cyprus Investment Funds Association


The Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA) was established in February 2013 and aims to become the collective voice and the reference point for all professionals and legal entities, through its involvement and services in the Investment Funds Industry in Cyprus.

Additionally, it helps its members capitalise on industry trends, shape regulation, enhance professionalism and promote the Cyprus Investments Fund Industry.

Furthermore, CIFA is working closely with the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) which first took the initiative for the establishment of CIFA as a natural development of the progress made thus far in promoting Cyprus as a competitive investment funds jurisdiction.

Cyprus Land & Building Developers Association


The Cyprus Land and Building Developers Association (LBDA) was founded in 1983 and is a member of the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) and of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI).

The LDBA concerns itself with the preservation of the environment and protection of the public regarding land and building development.

The LDBA currently has 100 businesses as members from all districts which together contribute over 90% share of the property industry in Cyprus. The members of the LDBA offer all range of products in the industry such as lots, real estate, houses, apartments, holiday villas, shops, special structures.

LDBA’s goal is to create a central body in Cyprus where land and building developer businesses can be grouped together for better and more effective protection of their professional interests.



Cyprus Shipping Chamber


The Cyprus Shipping Chamber, established in 1989, is the trade association of the Shipping Industry in Cyprus. It comprises all the major shipowning, shipmanagement, chartering and shipping related companies based in Cyprus.

The Chamber acts as a lobbying group for the promotion and safeguarding of the legitimate interests of its professional Member-companies, at a national level through its close relations with the Cyprus Government and Parliament, as well as at an international level though its membership at the various regional and international shipowners associations.

It aims to assist the Government to adapt new and existing laws, policies and procedures to the needs of the Cyprus fleet and the resident Shipping Industry through the increase of quality, improvement of safety and protection of the environment.

The Chamber collectively employs around 4,500 persons ashore and more than 55,000 seafarers of various nationalities onboard their vessels.


The Cyprus Hotel Association


The Cyprus Hotel Association, established in the 1930s, is the Cypriot Hoteliers National Trade Union. The vast majority of all hotel establishments and other licensed tourist accommodation units, all over Cyprus, are members of the Cyprus Hotel Association.

The Cyprus Hotel Association aims to protect and promote the interest of hoteliers as employers, to promote and upgrade the development of Cyprus tourism, to upgrade and develop the hotel establishments in Cyprus and to improve solidarity between its members. It does so through research and studies on salaries and terms of employment in the hotel industry, examining and instructing the hoteliers on legislative and other matters and guiding and advising the members of the Association in general.

Representatives of the Association participate actively in many official committees set up by the government or by semi-governmental organizations, related to the various sectors of the hotel and tourist industry and to the economy of Cyprus in general.

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