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Navigator Consulting specialises in the development of comprehensive business plans in Cyprus linked to dynamic financial models and forecasts.

Our business plans are used by sponsors as well as financing organisations to understand the medium- to long-term impact of specific investments, such as:

  • A financial restructuring, e.g. loan re-financing, recapitalisation, working capital increase, corporate turn-around;

  • Funding an increase in productive capacity, technology, facilities or other capital expenditure which results in an increase of outputs and productivity;

  • Implementing a greenfield investment, merger and acquisition or corporate take-over.


Our standard approach is to supplement the plan with a 5 or 10-year financial forecast, including profit/loss, balance sheet, cash flow and sensitivity analysis model.


Our planning approach integrates stakeholder priorities and requirements, but can also be combined as an adjunct to our due diligence process. The due diligence process is used to identity market risks and potential, which are translated into specific sensitivities (e.g. pricing, production costs, raw material costs, inflation, etc.) which can be used in the financial model and plan.

Typical business plan structure includes:

  • Corporate Objectives & Strategy

  • Market Analysis

  • Operations Analysis

  • Executive Team Analysis

  • Investment Project Review

  • Investment Plan and Implementation Schedule

  • Financial Forecast

  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation


Since our inception, we have implemented over 120 business plans ranging from EUR 5-450 mln in investment value, for a total of EUR 6 billion in invested resources.


We have extensive experience in working with private equity funds, venture capital firms, investment banks, multilateral banks such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other international financial institutions.

Our main sectors of expertise include:

  • Manufacturing (packaging, components, machine tools, cable & wiring, etc)

  • Natural resources (building materials, energy)

  • Agri-food (beer & alcoholic drinks, food processing, juices & drinks, etc)

  • Tourism (hotel investments)

  • Internet & Technology investments

  • Property Development

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