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We promote investments in Cyprus and internationally.

We will only work with investment promoters or asset owners that are in a position to prepare professionally and negotiate seriously. 

Whether you own physical assets or companies for sale, or a start-up looking for funding, it is imperative that we understand and agree with your business and valuation logic. 

Investment promotion starts with a clear understanding of what you are asking for. This requires a crystal-clear financing chart, business plan and company or asset valuation. 

This also means that all supporting data for the investment must be ready and in a format and language that investors can understand. Supporting data includes the business plan, financial forecast, company valuation, a term sheet and other transaction-related documentation. But it also includes company reports, annual accounts, title deeds, contracts and other data that will undergo due diligence. 


Once this is ready and agreed upon, we then: 


  1. Develop a confidential summary of the opportunity (a blind teaser) 

  2. Prepare a target list of investors

  3. Prepare a list of supporting activities or resources

  4. Communicate successively with investors

  5. Gain a letter of intent

  6. Start (and support) the due diligence process. 


Investment promoters should be prepared for a minimum due diligence process of 2 months, during which the investor will expect exclusivity. This means that no other investment offers can be received and negotiated during this time. 

Upon expiration of the due diligence period, the investor will either submit an offer (in the form of a Sales and Purchase Agreement, if an asset, or an equivalent offer depending on the sector and status of the company. This is then negotiated between the two parties. 

Given the overall situation, it is wise to allocate at least 6 months for the overall investment process. Sometimes longer. 

Our services include:​

  • Detailed business planning and financial modelling 

  • Term sheet development / governance development

  • Pre- and post-money company valuation 

  • Investment promotion 

  • Due diligence and negotiation support

  • Contracting support

  • Disbursement monitoring

  • Applying for and managing EU funding

Our sister companies include: 

Navigator Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency

Numenor Capital, an investment holding company

We work with a range of multilateral investment banks and EU financing programmes, venture capital firms, private equity firms and angel investors to finance or acquire projects and assets in Cyprus and internationally.

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