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  • Ilma Danielienė

Cyprus shows a 78% reduction in incoming air arrivals from January – August 2020

Passenger flight arrival information released by Hermes Airports, the operator of Larnaka and Paphos International Airports in Cyprus, shows a 77.8% reduction in arrivals from January to August 2020.

Larnaca, Cyprus: 8 September 2020

The first two months of the year showed an increase of 8.5% in January and 8.6% in February of passenger arrivals. This was followed by a 59% decrease in March as flights were progressively cancelled and Cyprus entered a full lockdown. April – June showed a flight reduction of over 96% each month.

The tourist season re-stared in Cyprus in July 2020. In this month, total arrivals were 198,139, compared with 1,435,146 in July 2019. August, which is the high season of Cyprus’s tourist season, saw arrivals of only 296,498.

Although there are some tourists arrivals by sea, the overwhelming majority come by air. This overall reduction points to the destructive impact of COVID-19 and the policy measures passed to address it.

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Stockwatch. 8 September 2020

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