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  • Ilma Danielienė

The European Commission launches EU Tax Observatory

The European Commission has announced the launch of the new European Tax Observatory, a research laboratory to assist in the EU’s fight against tax abuse. It seeks to support EU tax policymaking through independent research, analysis, and data-sharing. This Observatory was created under the initiative of the European Parliament.

Brussels, Belgium: 02 June 2021

The European Tax Observatory is a consortium of academics awarded an EU grant budget of EUR 1.2 million for 2020-21. Its goal is to enhance the research on tax avoidance, tax evasion, and aggressive tax planning and advise EU policymakers accordingly.

According to Paolo Gentiloni, the EU Commissioner for Economy

‘It's vital that we protect the public revenues necessary to support the recovery and the massive investments needed for the green and digital transitions.’

The EU Tax Observatory aims to contribute to the development of knowledge and the emergence of new concrete proposals to address the tax and inequality challenges of the 21st century. Furthermore, the Tax Observatory's research will complement the Commission's reflection process on the Future of Taxation in the EU. The Future of Taxation in the EU will make its final conclusions during the Tax Symposium to be held in 2022.

The new Tax Observatory is based on the Paris School of Economics and headed by Professor Gabriel Zucman. Gabriel Zucman is a French economist known for his research on tax havens and corporate tax havens. He has received the Prize for the Best Young Economist in France in recognition of his research on tax evasion and avoidance and their economic consequences.

This is part of a wider effort by the EU and OECD to harmonise tax rates as well as minimise tax avoidance and evasion.


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