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Seafront Commercial Development Project


On behalf of an asset owner, NavInvest Cyprus implemented a development feasibility study and concept for a seafront land plot and harbor located outside Limassol, Cyprus.


The land plot comprised older infrastructure used for commercial fishing operations. NavInvest repositioned this asset for mixed-use development including tourism, leisure and beach club operations.


Our services included:

  • Site visit and development planning on the site;

  • Renovating the main commercial building into a high-end restaurant and beach club;

  • Adding 5 beachfront villas adjacent to the building;

  • Adding additional villas on the land plot;

  • Rehabilitating, dredging and expanding the commercial harbor for recreational use;

  • Adding space for events;

  • Adding space for weddings;

  • Developing an investment and operations budget for the project;

  • Develop a revenue forecast and integrated financial model;

  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation.


This project is available for investment, and qualifies for the Cyprus Investor Citizenship plan. For further information, please contact us.

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