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Tech Startup Assessment

Limassol, 2019

Our client was a Limassol-based start-up developing a social network targeting university students and other new, urban residents. The objective is to offer a qualified referral and advertising network based on user rankings for services such as restaurants, apartment rentals, university services and other offers.


Our responsibility was to evaluate the business logic, positioning, commercial potential and go-to-market assumptions of this start-up.


Our work included:


  • Walk-through the front-end and back-end of the website;

  • Analysis of business logic;

  • Assessment of value-added from the user viewpoint;

  • Competitive assessment against TripAdvisor, Facebook and other platforms;

  • Assessment of monetization models: freemium, advertising, other;

  • Financial model development for break-even and different profitability levels;

  • Risk assessment and sensitivity assessment;

  • Advice on improving CEM/UX/UI aspects of design;

  • Advice on viral marketing in the UK as a target market.


For further information on our Cyprus start-up advisory and support, please contact us.

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