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Leisure Centre and Restaurant Feasibility Study

Limassol, 2017

On behalf of two foreign investors, Navigator Consulting implemented a site analysis, feasibility study and financial model for a youth-focussed leisure centre in Limassol, Cyprus.


While there are a plethora of children’s activities in Cyprus, our client identified a gap in the market for a large play area where children could engage in sports, play areas and healthy food, while parents could benefit from a co-working space and social space.


On behalf of our clients, we undertook the following Cyprus consulting activities:


  1. Elaboration of the concept, including parking space, reception area, play areas, gaming, co-working space, social space and supporting facilities;

  2. Development of a financial model reflecting the business concept;

  3. Evaluation of 2 building areas where the concept could be developed;

  4. Further elaboration and revisions based on investor requirements;

  5. Final financial analysis, including return on investment, 5-year profit/loss and cash flow evaluation, IRR and NPV evaluation.


The decision was made not to invest due to the high cost of Limassol property purchase and conversion, and complexity in terms of determining land use rights.


For further information on investing in Cyprus, please contact us.

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