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Limassol, 2016

On behalf of the owner of a large, integrated golf course, hotel and villa investment, Navigator Consulting implemented a detailed analysis of villa investments on the resort. 

The objective of the analysis was to determine:

1. How overall villa sales pricing and demand was affected by villa maintenance contracts (focus on pricing and quality of the maintenance).

2. The extent to which some villa owners were interested in earning rental income from their properties, and how they assessed this income. 

3. The overall marketing approach towards selling golf villas, with a particular focus on online marketing, search engine optimisation and conversion funnel optimisation.

4. The overall management of customer service, customer relationship management and maintenance functions. 

Our research found that most villa owners were not aware of villa maintenance pricing and quality requirements, and therefore were negatively affected by maintenance contracts when they were signed. 

We further discovered that in many cases, villa resale contracts relieved the new owners from mandatory maintenance by the golf course operator / investor. This in turn meant that competing maintenance providers could offer services at lower prices. 

Finally, it was determined that similar covenants in terms of online sales meant that a rival online marketing agency was able to rent villas on the golf course, generating income which normally should accrue to the resort management. 

The profitability of most golf course investments (especially in arid climates) comes from property sales and management. Our consultancy indicated how the resort owner / operator could optimise online and physical operations, contracting and customer relationship management both prior to a sales or resales contract, as well as during the customer lifecycle. 


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