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Cyprus-based Simple raises € 4.1 million in Series A Funding

According to EU-Startups, Limassol-based Simple secured € 4.1 mln in Series A funding with a € 34.6 mln post-money valuation, bringing the total capital raised to over €6.6 mln.

Limassol, Cyprus: 8 December 2020

Simple is a health and wellness start-up based in Limassol, Cyprus. Founded in 2019, Simple provides intermittent fasting followers with a solution that supports achieving tangible fitness results.

Simple’s mission is to help users transition to a healthy and conscious diet through the gradual change of habits and introduction of food discipline, which promotes long-term results.

According to EU-Startups, Simple has achieved 6.3 mln downloads in 1 year. The app integrates data from the Health app (HealthKit) to keep track of user’s body status, such as steps, weight, and water intake. The app also provides personalised insights based on the user’s behavioral patterns and helps them to improve a daily fasting routine.

Alex Ilinskyi, the co-founder and CEO of Simple said:

We want to build a product that would make it easier for people to live healthy lives. The idea came up in 2019, with a conversation with Yuri Gurski, the CEO at Palta and founder of Flo. Since then, we developed an amazing platform backed by Yuri’s vision and Palta’s support. We have come a long way and the last round of funding opens up opportunities for a new phase of our development as we expand worldwide.

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Navigator Consulting provides Investment Advisory, Strategic Management and support for start-ups in Cyprus, Greece and internationally.

For further information, please contact:

Philip Ammerman

Managing Director


Eu-Startups. 8 December 2020

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