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University of Cyprus: Entrepreneur in Residence

Nicosia, 2019

Philip Ammerman will act as Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Cyprus’ Centre for Entrepreneurship for Spring 2019.

The “Entrepreneurs in Residence” (EIR) program aspires to bring to the University of Cyprus, eminent entrepreneurs and innovators who work in domains with a strong innovation potential. The aim of the programme is to provide students, researchers, faculty, and staff access to mentorship, valuable experiences, connections, and networking opportunities that will help them pursue entrepreneurial endeavours.


The program is launched in the fall semester of 2018, with experienced entrepreneurs working in Genetics, Biotechnology, and Diagnostics; ICT, Cloud Computing, and Big Data in Health; Environmental engineering, Sustainable development and Blue Entrepreneurship; and Clean energy, Energy finance, Energy technology services and Micro-grids.


Each Entrepreneur in Residence will spend a couple of days on campus, give an informal open talk and meet with interested members of the University community. The program is open to all students, researchers, faculty, and staff, providing free consulting and overall support to UCY innovators who wish to move their ideas and inventions towards exploitation through commercialisation, intrapreneurship or not-for-profit initiatives.


The Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) actively contributes to C4E’s efforts to foster entrepreneurship within the University of Cyprus by initiating new and/or contributing to the following indicative list of activities:


  • training students, researchers and faculty on developing ideas, fine-tuning value propositions, creating start-ups and securing funding;

  • mentoring researchers, students and faculty on entrepreneurship-related matters;

  • advising C4E and the University’s Innovation Management Unit on the commercialization potential of technologies and intellectual property coming out of University laboratories;

  • boosting the impact of C4E within the University community and beyond.

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